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    The email address you specify in that form field will be used as your username when logging in to your personal account. Also, during the next registration step, the passphrase you will assign for your account, will be sent to that email address for your safe keeping. If you have any doubts regarding our Privacy Policy or the security of your personal information, you can always use a newly created free email address from Yahoo!, fastmail.fm or Google – actually this is the recommended approach.
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    These are your personal preferences regarding the usage of this application. All the displayed accounts information, transaction details and reporting options will use these formats for showing your data. Anyway, don't worry about your choice. You can always update these values through your "Preferences" section when logged in to your personal account.
    You don't list my preferred currency or date format
    Then please help us improve this application. Just drop us a line, describing your request, and we'll make sure to add it as soon as possible.
    Your statement sounds like Klingon
    We don't like all that legal talk either, so you can review our terms in a more human readable form on the Terms of Service page.
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